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The research into the Heuer Camaro is comparatively recent and I'm positive there is still much to be learned. The intention is that is a work in progress which will continue to be updated, increased and amended as new information comes to light. Please bear in mind the information contained here is to be used as a guide only. During the period that Camaros were being produced, Heuer have been known for being economical with parts so there exists an element of crossover with most, if not all part types across the range.

This research began as a joint effort for, with Heuer expert Mark Moss providing the initial research and Andee at providing a huge amount of further raw data and much photography, having handled some of the best and rarest examples. I collated and assimilated the data to ascertain the models, executions and variations while Jeff Stein pulled everything together to enable it to be presented in a way that is both coherent and in alignment with the previous research carried out on other Heuer models.

While I have subsequently collected and processed the further information myself, it is not without assistance from other Heuer experts, fans, dealers and collectors for which great thanks is offered. The gathering of serial numbers has been crucial in reaching this stage so it is with particular thanks to those who have contributed so far.

A special mention to those who allowed the use of their images within the website. I'm grateful to be able to make use of their great photography skills and show their superb Camaros.

If you own a Camaro and would like to pass on the serial number it will be hugely appreciated so please contact me as per below.

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