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The gold-plated 73445 Dato model was a suitable inclusion within the range, considering the Camaro variants at this time. It compliments it's companions well but stands apart from them also with it's eye-catching golden case and elegant Champagne or Silver features contained therein. In the early 1970s one would think it must surely found a niche in the market and caught the eye of many a watch enthusiast. That said there were only 2 different models made, one with a silver dial and the other displaying a gold-coloured 'Champagne' dial. It was produced in significantly smaller number than the non-date 73345 with only a maximum of 600 thought to have been made.

As with the 73345, it too has been the victim of the 'franken-watch' brigade, though to a lesser extent. (Sadly this is probably because there were less of these cases made in the first instance.)

An original 73445 should have:

  • Silver or 'Champagne' dial with matching Tachymeter ring
  • black stripe hands (hour/minute)
  • black, flat-end sweep chronograph hand
  • black small chrono hands
  • 3rd execution dial-marker type, with full-length black 'tramline' stripes
  • Gold fluted pushers
  • Gold signed crown
  • Signed Heuer movement (Valjoux 7734)

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73445 serial number range:


Estimated number of watches manufactured: 600 (maximum)

73445 Executions

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73445 T

73445 CHT