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Following on from the long-running 2-register 7743, the 73343 was the direct successor when the Valjoux 7730 movement made way for the 'all-new' 7733. As with it's Dato and 3-register counterparts, (the 73443 and 73643 respectively) this model assumed the new Heuer number system (as indicated by the movement- 73343 taken from the Valjoux 7733) and was released late in the Camaro production era. As such the number of these Camaros to be found is far less than that of the 7743.

Although the early 73343s still wore the monochrome features of the 7743, most of the range shares the exotic features of all later Camaros, with the typical traits of coloured or opposing Tachymeter rings with matching hands. Because of this range span we find up to 4 different executions, making it the most of any Camaro model.

The missing 'T's

The 1970 Heuer brochure entitled 'CARRERA, AUTAVIA AND CAMARO' (source: onthedash.com) illustrates a first execution Camaro 73343 NT and further describes a 73343 T with 'white dial' as also available to purchase. While examples of the NT can be found readily, the matching T has never been identified. Evidence suggests this version never made it to production. (Which is not unheard of when comparing these brochures to the actual available Heuer models.)

Furthermore, a later 'exotic' 73343 variant should exist that comprises the white dial with grey Tachymeter ring, along with 3rd execution black edged hands. (These hands can be found on the equivalent black dial 73343 NT, gold-plated 73345, Dato sibling 73443 T and even the Heuer-produced Benrus brand 'Camaro', so a precedent is certainly there.) However, such a model has still not been found 'in the wild' so it is also debatable whether one was produced.

The above leaves us with quite a disparity between the 73343 NT having four executions and the 73343 T having just one. (see below) It reinforces the point that there are likely elements of the Camaro line still to be revealed to us. Watch this space for updates!

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73343 serial number range:


Estimated number of watches manufactured: 1350

73343 Executions

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73343 S

73343 N

73343 T

73343 NT (First)

73343 NT (Second)

73343 NT (Third)

73343 NT (Fourth)