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The 7228 is truly a unique Camaro. Taking the fundamental features of the 7220 and recreating it in an 18 karat solid gold case with matching furniture, this Camaro was not subtle nor shy on the wrist. When considering Heuer's production of a solid gold timepiece it is often the uncompromising Carrera 1158 that is focused upon, yet the 7228 along with it's sibling the Carrera 2456 preceded the 1158 by some years.

It was sold with the option of a gold-plated mesh bracelet (another first for Heuer) and as is common with such a high value edition, release was significantly limited where the production count could be as low as 200, while certainly no more than 1000 pieces estimated to have been made.

Of course being solid gold and not plated (like the later 73345 and 73445 models) means it retains it lustrous gold features and the examples in the open still wear their gold coats immaculately.

Even rarer than the 7228 itself is the 7228 T version which includes the Tachymeter ring around the dial. Having come to light in 2018 there is the only one example currently known.

7228 serial number range:


Estimated number of watches manufactured: 200-1000 (maximum)

7228 Executions

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7228 T