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Later in Camaro production the Valjoux 72 was replaced with the new 3-register Valjoux 7736, at the same time taking on the new Heuer numbering system of 73643 (The '736' part being derived from the Valjoux 7736 movement).

It is often easy to confuse this model with the 3rd (and last) execution of the 7220 as they appear identical at first glance. One useful way to distinguish them is by the pusher placement, as outlined in the Features section. Another potential method is by the sub-dial hands which are all white on the 7220, yet with 2 orange hands on the 73643. While this is a useful indicator however, as with all things Heuer this is not a hard and fast rule and opposite hand colours can be found across both models.

It was long thought that this model was offered with both orange or white font on the Tachymeter ring, however it was established that the ‘white’ text is merely one that has faded from orange over time.

While the discussion is ongoing regarding the earlier monochrome Noir dials being black/brown/chocolate/anthracite/grey, the dial on the exotic 73643 NT is unmistakably brown, not black. When coupled with the orange features of hands and Tachymeter ring, it gives this model a distinctly 1970’s look.

Given the longevity of the Camaro 7220, production of the 73643 occurred late during the Camaro range. As such this model was relatively short lived with an estimated 1100 watches being made before Camaro production ceased altogether.

73643 serial number range:


Estimated number of watches manufactured: 1100

73643 Executions

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73643 T

73643 NT