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The Camaro 7220 was undoubtedly the mainstay of the range throughout production. It was the first Camaro model released and ran most of the way through the Camaro lifespan, eventually being succeeded by the 73463 for a short time until production ceased altogether. The '7220' reference number is derived from the Valjoux 72 movement which powered this model.

It was produced in 3 executions and a total of 10 individual models (not including the solid gold 7228), which is the most of any of the Camaro range. It is an easily recognisable model due to the 3 sub-dial registers, being the trait of the Valjoux 72.

The earliest 7220s had no model number stamped on the case and had a 5-digit serial number. Subsequent examples did have the model number marked along with the 6-digit Heuer serial numbering system.

The non-conformist Camaro 7220 SN

I feel particular attention has to be given to the 7220 SN 'panda' model because while there are numerous variations in Camaro dial colour and design, the SN still holds a place as an 'odd one out'. Certainly, both the 7220 SN and it's opposite the 7220 NST are each rarer and unusual in themselves, however the SN is wholly unique in that it is the only Camaro ever produced that had the 'HEUER' shield correctly centralised. (See Features for more on this.)

It is also alone in that it feature different markers to all other Camaros, with applied lume on the end of the markers instead of on the dial itself.

Coupled with it's relative rarity and small production count, it makes this quite a special Camaro indeed.

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A period of experimentation

It seems that the period during Camaro production was a time of experimentation with designers being given a broad allowance to alter and create a varying array of different colour combinations. This is true particularly of the later 'exotic' 7220 releases, where we see the brown dial and orange hand combination of the 7220 NT third execution.

On closer inspection we see further variations still, as some were produced with red accented features (Tachymeter track, sweep hand and some with matching sub-dial hands) instead of orange. Peculiarly this only appears during the serial numbers 174-175xxx, with the more regular orange features appearing both before and after this distinct design.

Photo credit: Atom Moore, courtesy Analog/Shift

7220 serial number range:

97-98xxx, 117-118xxx, 131-132xxx, 166-168xxx, 174-175xxx, 191-192xxx

Estimated number of watches manufactured: 6500-7000

7220 Executions

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7220 S

7220 N

7220 T (First)

7220 NT (First)

7220 SN

7220 T (Second)

7220 NT (Second)

7220 Exotics (Third Execution)

7220 NST

7220 T (Third)

7220 NT (Third)