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Where the 7220 was the Camaro produced in the greatest numbers, the 7743 holds a strong second place as being the most widely produced 2 register model, powered by the reliable Valjoux 7730. It swiftly replaced the 45-minute counter 9220 and held it's place comfortably and in significant number, until inevitably being replaced by the 73343 with the new Valjoux 7733.

Due to the large production count, they can be frequently found in today's market place where the other 2 register models are harder to come by. Of course condition varies greatly but it is not uncommon to find 'average' models with little or no servicing still ticking away well and have become a good entry level contender into Camaro ownership.

The rare and unusual 7743 NS

The variations at the time were typical to the Camaro range, including Silver and Noir dials both with and without Tachymeter tracks. In addition, the Camaro's first 'panda' type was released in the guise of the 7743 NS. These particular Camaros were released in a very small number and virtually all were produced within a single batch. Could it have been an experimental Camaro that did not sell as well as others? Whether or not, it means the 7743 NS models are not often to be found, making them rare and sought after in the current collector's market.

Photo credit: Atom Moore, courtesy Analog/Shift

Transitional models - the 7743/73343 crossover

Heuer has been known for being economical with parts during production and similar can be said for the manufacture of the Camaro. Towards the end of the 7743 line but before the replacement 73343 was in full swing, we see a 'transitional' Camaro that displays the colourful dial and hands of the exotic style coupled with new 7733 movement, but housed in a 7743 case still. This is the same for both the 7743 T and 7743 NT and is unique to most (but not all) of the Camaros in the 176xxx-177xxx range.

It is reasonable to speculate Heuer wished to 'use up' the remaining stock of 7743 cases before using the newly stamped 73343 cases. Either way it makes an interesting aspect to consider of both Camaro creation and Heuer production overall.

7743 serial number range:

118-119xxx, 134-135xxx, 168-169xxx, 171xxx, 175-177xxx

Estimated number of watches manufactured: 4800

7743 Executions

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7743 S

7743 N (First)

7743 T (First)

7743 NT (First)

7743 N (Second)

7743 T (Second)

7743 NT (Second)

7743 NS