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It was typical of Heuer to include a model with a date feature in the 1960s and 70s, so there is little surprise to find the same within the Camaro range. Relatively early within production and on the heels of the 2 and 3 register models, we see the introduction of the 7843; identical to the 7743 but with the additional date complication supported by the equivalent movement, the Valjoux 7732. 

As with the changeover from the Valjoux 7730 to the 7733 at the time, the Camaro 7843 was short lived and  was quite swiftly 'upgraded' to the model 73443, powered by the new improved Valjoux 7734 movement. This in turn means the number of 7843s produced was very limited, estimated at merely 1150.

7843 S.....or SN?

An interesting quirk in the 7843 range was that unlike any of the Camaro range gone prior, there seems to be no model 7843 S with the typical silver dial and silver sub-dials. The 7843 S is actually a 'panda' edition with a silver dial and black sub dials.  In other Heuer ranges this dial configuration is typically referred to with the reference 'SN' (Silver/Noir) and as such this 7843 model is commonly titled the 7843 SN, even though it is technically incorrect.

7843 T and NT - the start of Exotica! 

Although this earlier period of Camaro production features mainly monochrome designs, very occasionally we see  the beginnings of the colourful exotic features being used. Having come to light recently are just 5 examples of the 7843 model but with the exotic design of the later 73443 model. The fact these examples still make use of 7843 cases and the original Valjoux 7732 movement, indicates they were designed this way and so is the first example of Camaro 'exotica'. (see below)

7843 serial number range: 


Estimated number of watches manufactured: 1150

7843 Executions

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7843 S

7843 N

7843 T

7843 NT