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Complimenting the Camaro range and in typical fashion of Heuer at the time, a small volume of gold-plated models were available as an alternative (or an addition) to their stainless steel counterparts. These models allowed Heuer to cater for a wider variety of tastes and were likely popular at a time when gold was a must-have accessory.

In addition to the Silver and Noir dials, the 73345 was also released with a 'Champagne' dial, titled CHT (CHampagne Tachymeter), lending a further dynamic to an already extensive range of Camaros.

The 73345 NT has a unique exception to Camaro rules in that it features both a black dial AND black markers stripes. (see below for image)

Empty cases

An overview of the 73345 would not be complete without reference to the significant amount of empty cases that have found their way onto the market in recent years. Although they tend to include the original pushers, signed crown and caseback, these cases are often sold simply 'bare' or matched with an array of incorrect parts including dials, hands and (unsigned) movements.

Sadly these 'put-togethers' are seen more often than the original watches as they would have left the Heuer factory. As such I feel compelled to outline the features that should be present in each 73345:

  • White, Black or 'Champagne' dial with matching Tachymeter ring

  • black stripe hands for T/NT; gold-plated black-edge hands for CHT* (hour/minute)

  • gold sweep chrono hand for T/NT; black sweep chrono hand for CHT

  • 2nd execution dial-marker type, with short black stripes for T/NT; 3rd execution dial-marker type, with black 'tramline' stripes for CHT

  • Gold small chrono hands

  • Gold fluted pushers

  • Gold signed crown

  • Signed Heuer movement (Valjoux 7733)

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*Although the gold-plated black-edge hands were advertised on the CHT model alone, these hands can be found on a few T and NT models also. While they do not strictly match the dial markers, it is reasonable to speculate they left the factory this way. (although this is the only known exception to the above guidelines.)

73345 serial number range:


Estimated number of watches manufactured: 1500

73345 Executions

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73345 T

73345 NT

73345 CHT