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The Camaro 9220 (92 taken from the Valjoux 92 contained inside) was launched shortly after the 7220 and the two models were sold simultaneously during the early part of the Camaro run.

The distinguishing feature of the 9220 is the minute counter on the right-hand side of the dial, which runs to 45 minutes and not 30, making it unique to this model of Camaro. The range was offered in the customary Heuer fashion of Silver or Noir dial and each with or without the 60-300 Tachymeter scale around the edge.

In a similar fashion to the early 7220 models, the 9220 cases were not stamped with a model number just the serial number, a feature which was maintained for the whole of the 9220 production run.

Even within the short-lived overall Camaro production, the 9220 only had a very limited run, quickly being replaced by the Valjoux 7730 movement and bearing a 30-minute register. This in turn means the 9220 Camaro is far more scarce than most models that came after.

9220 serial number range:

98xxx, 99xxx, 120xxx,121xxx

Estimated number of watches manufactured: 1100

9220 Executions

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9220 S

9220 N

9220 T

9220 NT